This Is How I Collected My First 500 Email Subscribers.

I’ve already told you why you should consider email marketing as your priority because you have your most loyal fan base there. They will only subscribe to your email list if they are genuinely interested in your content or offer. Not only they are your loyal fans but they also engage with your content. It’s said that with every single email subscriber you can earn $1 a month. 

email marketing ROI

This means if you have 1000 email subscribers you’ll earn $1000 per month through them. But starting with email marketing can be hard when you don’t have any email subscribers to send your amazing content. I remember when I had no subscriber and after following these tricks (below) how happy I was when I saw my first subscriber.

It was surreal and it made me believe if I continuously followed these tricks in no time I could reach hundreds or thousands of email subscribers. For my first email subscribers, the only thing in my mind was to make that subscriber very happy.

And Let me tell one thing, rather than focusing on a large audience who doesn’t know you exist, focus on your existing audience.

Like your already, followers and subscribers are everything to you. Create content they like, focus on building your trust in them. Because if you make them happy they’ll definitely turn into permanent customers and even refer your business to their network. (Helping you build your business)

So Let Me Show You How I Reached To My First 500 Email Subscribers.

Though I can’t guarantee you whether it would be as easy it was for me to collect my first 500 email subscribers without creating your strategy. Blinding following this or any other tricks or tips won’t make your journey successful.

You need to mold your strategy as per your audience and their requirement. Because each business or niche is different; suppose if you’re just writing a blog post your email marketing will be different than those selling books or any physical product.

1. Get an email service provider.

If you don’t have a budget in beginning go with MailChimp as they offer the first 2000 email subscribers for free, after that you’ll need to update your plan.

*Update – Now MailChimp is no-no even with those 2000 subscribers because they have changed their policy and features for the free plan. Now you cannot do much – no schedule, change in the audience (subscribers) and much more. It’s better advisable to go with ConvertKit from the beginning. Sign up here.


Or if you have some budget and you want some attractive looks on your website, go for ConvertKit. Once you’ve reached your limit, on MailChimp, it’s a great idea to move from MailChimp to ConvertKit and I’ll give you some great reasons why you should do that:

  • They provide amazing design and look to your website, and you can design as per your requirements, whereas MailChimp isn’t that attractive.
  • You can resend to subscribers who haven’t opened your email. The average opening rate of opening email is 22.5-24%, so it can be a lifesaver to resend to people who haven’t opened your email.


  • Some people won’t open your email because they subscribed to a particular content type not all of your emails. To separate what your subscribers want to see use Tags (Ps: They are my best friends and save too much time).
  • Sequence emails, not just welcome email but sales email or any other type of email. They can save so much of your time and are easy to create. Suppose if someone made a purchase from your site, to keep up with them you need to send them some sequence emails, such as purchase details, what to do next, etc. they are so easy to maintain and track.


Want to start with ConvertKit? Read this complete guide.

At first, I used MailChimp (we do for this site) but for my other blog, I’ve been using ConvertKit for almost 7 months. But in the end, it’s your call which service provider fits best to you go for it. Does your research compare their prices and then choose one?

2. Create a landing page

Putting signup forms everywhere isn’t enough, you can promote a direct link for your sign up form on social media or in messages. All you need to do is create a landing page. They are so useful that before I created them I only use to get 2-3 email subscribers per day but once I create a landing page (though it didn’t look that attractive and content wasn’t that good at first) I was able to get 150% increase in email subscribers.

Through the landing page, you get a link that you can share with your audience and lead them to your landing page. Let me tell you what stats says: you get more than 80% subscriber through landing than pop-ups, sign-ups, or any other forms. Most people will read and then make a decision, were else through the pop-up form they can only see sales approach.

This means they won’t get much information on why they should sign up for your mailing list. You can create them through your email service provider or download free templates or if you know to code, go and experiment with your skills.

Include all the important information in it; like why they should subscribe to you, including free resources that would attract them to sign up and little bit information about the items, when you’ll send them emails (monthly or weekly), etc. make it very well detailed.

landing page email subscribers

3. Offer free stuff.

More than 50% of people will sign up to you because you offer them something valuable for free that no one else does. Yes, it is one of the easiest ways to collect email subscribers, but it takes a lot of your time and it has to be something your audience is looking for. You can create downloadable products such as guides, resources, small PDF with unique and secretive information to success.

Create free Webinars, Podcasts or templates. Keep reminding people about your free offer and in exchange for them to provide their emails. Give your audience reasons to subscribe to you, something they cannot resist. Before you reach out to people for signups, ask yourself why would they sign up to you?

Because you create amazing content and share useful information isn’t enough. There are hundreds of blogs under your niche, the only way to attract a new audience is to stand out. People will refer you only if they have a reason to subscribe to you.

It shouldn’t be just a simple eBook with some common topic. Look at our checklist for Email Marketing and Ways to Promote your business online. This will give an inner look at how your free stuff should look like. Something like no-one is offering, or do your complete research from a different site and create a detailed eBook or PDF.

4. Ask people to review your blog or product.

A review is really important for any business that offers service or product, not to mention it can also help blogs too. Not sure how? Let me give a reason if the audience likes your content or product or service they are likely to recommend to people they know or post a comment.

You can take advantage of this and show off to your new users. If they like what you offer, they will not only subscribe to themselves but also suggest your content to others. Nevertheless, you can also ask your audience to post a review or comment on your website or engage with you through comments on both social media and blogs.

5. Use popups, sign up forms and collect emails.

There are many tools and plugins that can help you collect email subscribers. One of my favorite plugins is AddThis (and it’s free), it’s so easy to use and require no extra efforts. Place them everywhere possible to for you to get email subscribers.

Test or look from which way you’re getting most subscribers, you can try this through Heatmap tools. This will let you know which place is getting you most subscribers and which one you have to remove. When beginning tries as many places as possible.

Make sure you make your signup process simple, which includes 1 or 2 steps. A complicated sign-up process can do the reverse for your business, which will make users run away. There are some problems that might come with your lead magnet.

  1. There is no one to sign up. It happens when you’re targeting the wrong audience or your sign up isn’t lit.
  2. You’re signing up process is boring or too complicated.
  3. Your lead magnet isn’t valuable. Create something that solves your user or audience’s problem.


These tips are compulsory for you to go through with. When you start blogging or online business and consider email marketing (which is really important for every business) these steps will give you success in the long run.

Sometimes you might feel it’s really hard to get your very first email subscriber but let me tell you one thing, your content is yet to reach millions of people who are willing to be your permanent customers or readers.

If you really have awesome content then doing little more effort by promoting your content or business can help you reach a huge audience and gain email subscribers. And guess what, all the big websites are using these same techniques to gain email subscribers.


Know my question to you is, how you grow your email list?

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  1. Hey there,

    I really liked your article! Quick question, though: From your experience, how many opt-in freebies did you offer, exactly?

    I haven’t yet reached 100 subscribers (halfway there), but I’ve noticed that I didn’t start to get a lot of subscribers everyday until I offered multiple opt-in freebies. Makes sense, though, and I know that it has something to do with the content and how good your offer is/sounds, but do you have a lot of freebies that you offer?


    1. Hi Kirsten,
      Good question! I create 2 freebies each year or sometimes I just update the old ones. Normally I offer guides which are 3-7 page long. If you want to see, you can subscribe to us and you’ll get a welcome email which has 2 free downloadable guides, so you know how it is.
      Also, it depends what are you offering, usually 2 guides, PDF or e-books are enough in a year. And it’s important how good the free product is, it should be relevant and it should be useful for your readers.
      I hope this helps!


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