Guide on Pinterest Marketing: How to improve your reach?

Guide on Pinterest Marketing_ How to improve your reach? beyond execute

Are you only using Facebook or Twitter for your business? Try considering Pinterest now. Why? Well, this guide on Pinterest marketing will show you how to reach more audiences.

Pinterest may not be like Facebook, but pins life are 16,000x longer than Facebook posts (see here for more stats!). And Pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet, where retweet average hit only 1.4%. 

We created our Pinterest account almost a month ago and we are able to get 10k+ unique visitors on our profile page, with just 260+ pins. Isn’t it amazing?

Imagine how many visitors it might be leading to our website. Pinterest is an utterly amazing social media network. To help you guys succeed on Pinterest I have created this beginner’s Guide on Pinterest marketing, tricks, and strategy that helped us and can help you to reach more audience.

Guide on Pinterest marketing: Why use Pinterest for business?

Pinterest has more than 200 million monthly users, where women between the ages of 25 to 55. It’s true that female users Pinterest more than males, but 40% of new users are men. If you don’t have a solid plan for Pinterest marketing, then you’re missing out a key opportunity to reach potential new customers. 

If your ideal audience on Pinterest and you want to experiment with a new network for your brand, then you might consider Pinterest. First, let’s look at Pinterest demographics:

  • 68% are women and 32% are men.
  • 38% audience is between 18-24, 40% audience is between 25-34 and 20% is between 35-65.

If your audience fits between any of these categories then take advantage of Pinterest. There’s a lot more to come from this guide on Pinterest marketing. 

Pinterest has its own reason for a business to use it. It’s a place where people look for inspiration, DIY, Designs and ideas to buy new products. 


So how can you start with a Pinterest business account?

  1. Sign up to Pinterest account – If you are using it for business (which I highly recommend) create a Pinterest business profile. Fill out the information in the sign-up form.
  2. Once you have created your account go to setting, and complete your profile. Pinterest can either ask you whether you want to create a business profile or can directly set up a business account through website verification.
  3. Give all the information like business name, username, profile picture, about you and website URL (to claim your website).

guide on pinterest marketing profile idea

  1. For confirming your website, you will be provided a code which you need to paste in your website HTML. If you are using WordPress and Yoast, then Yoast has a feature in their social setting, where you need to paste that code. Alternatively, you can copy and paste that code under the tag section of your website’s index file.


  1. Once you’ve done this and clicked finish, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Pinterest. 
  2. Now, you’ll need creating boards and pins. Now as you are ready to go, you need to start pinning and organizing content, so your audience can have a reason to follow you or pin your content.
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When you create boards or pins keep these things in mind:
  1. Set a descriptive name for your board. Use clear language to convey what’s in the pin board. 
  2. Include keywords in board and pin description, titles, and image file names.
  3. Add a Pin It Button on your website so that visitors can pin images, posts, and products.
  4. Use Pinterest Analytics. When you verify your account, you get access to insights and tracking information. Through this you’ll be able to decide content and marketing strategy, that can help you constantly improve your marketing. We’ll get back to this later.
  5. Create Rich Pinterest. They are loaded with detailed information for serious sales power. 

This guide on Pinterest marketing is to promote your account at free and get the required results.

Guide on Pinterest Marketing How to improve your reach beyond execute

Guide on Pinterest Marketing: Tips and Tricks

  1. Optimize your website and account.

First thing first, you need to always make it easy for your visitors to pin from your website. Since allowing a save button on your website allows people to quickly save it to there Pinterest account. Use a social sharing plugin on your website that appears on every image on your site.

Next, you need to use keywords as many places on your profile as possible. Like tile, description and image file name. Use keywords that resembles your brand image and help you get indexed on search engines. 

But how will winners find you? If you have done your keywords research properly and added to your profile then you’ll see some good results. But if you’re feeling little lost, then start by typing some basic words into the search bar. As relative topics start appearing, you can narrow down your search and find the keywords you want to use.

  1. Provide fresh pins regularly.

As Pinterest itself suggests on its guide on Pinterest marketing: Get into a regular cadence of saving Pins to your boards. That way, your audience gets fresh content in their home feed (and get to know what your brand is all about.).

You can repin others’ pins or schedule your own pins. It’s extremely important to be consistent on any social media. Refreshing your content lets your audience know you’re active. You should be posting between 5-30 new pins every day, to gain more followers. Make sure you not only repin but also pin your won content. Avoid pinning all in a 1-minute time span.

  1. Focus on visuals

Pinterest is a visual place, where images speak a lot more than words. Make sure it is attractive and very well descriptive. Your image should be clear well-fit, well-composed and focused. The best-performing pins on Pinterest have high-quality images. Make sure you add some quality images on your website. 

If you keep any sort of company blog, then add at least one image pin-able to Pinterest which shows what the blog post is about. If you don’t have time or know-how to create one, use Canva to create images of your own or buy from a stock photography website. Creating not only high-quality images but also a click-worthy pin description is important to catch your audience’s attention. 

Though pins are alive more than 16,000x times than a Facebook post, they have their best time to post. The best time to post on Pinterest is 8-11 pm, especially on Saturdays. The worst time on Pinterest is during work hours. Make sure to include a call-to-action in your description to catch their attention.

  1. Create Rich pins.

Rich pins, as I’ve already told you, provide extra detailed information on your pins that helps you get more saves and clicks. Rich pins are available on apps, products, blog posts and recipes. They are applicable in a hope that others will pin from your site.

For instants, rich pins for blog posts include a headline, short description, date and author name, and there’ll be a call-to-action saying read it. Using rich pins can bring you an 82% increase in website traffic. When you apply for Rich Pins, you’ll get real-time information automatically updated on your pins and more ways to direct people to your site because your site will be linked to your Rich Pins. No hassle, no fuss. Just lead.

How you can start creating Rich Pins:

To use Rich Pins and get direct potential traffic to your site, you need to validate on the Pinterest site. 

  1. Visit this page.
  2. Decide what kind of Rich Pin you want to apply for.
  3. Read the documentation
  4. Add the appropriate meta tags to your site.
  5. Validate your Rich Pins and apply them to get them approved.


Once your Rich pins are approved by Pinterest, they will be out there for the entire Pinterest audience to see, to repin, and visit your site.

  1. Try promoted pins.

Promoted pins mean Pinterest ads, which you can get access through the business accounts. They are they a great way to reach more audiences and create new exposure for your brand. Pinterest identifies Promoted Pins by placing the word “Promoted” below the Pin. Create your own promoted pin by going into Ads or directly clicking Promote from the Pin you created.

However, when Pinners save your Promoted Pins to their own boards, they become regular organic Pins, so the promotional labels are stripped out. Internal Pinterest data shows that advertisers get an average of 20 percent more organic clicks in the month following the launch of a Pinterest ad campaign.

  1. Use analytics. 

The last and very important step of the guide on Pinterest marketing is to analyze your performance and how you can succeed. Pinterest gives you insights into your most popular pins, clicks to your website and daily stats.

To analysis your success you need to first set goals. Because if you don’t have something to achieve how will you measure your success. For example, each pin on your board should increase by 25% per month. Increase the following by required number per month.

For instants, a Pin on your board is currently getting 2000 saves. A 25% increase would be 500 saves. So at the end of one month that pin would need to be getting at 2,500 saves.

You’ll also see which boards are getting more impressions, and this will give you a sense of how people think about your business and content or product. You’ll get information about the demographics and interests of people who interact with your Pins, providing valuable insight to help you target your strategy to precisely the right audience.


I hope these beginners’ guide on Pinterest marketing can help you get more reach on the audience. Pinterest can do a lot for your business; all you need to do is create content that your audience wants to save. Make sure you do proper strategic planning of your content.

If you follow the strategies here and learn from the engagement you get, your Pinterest account will continue to develop for the better, attract more of your target audience, and direct people to your site. If you have any questions or query comment down below and I’ll get you as soon as possible.

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